How was he discovered?
Ötzi the Iceman was found near Hauslabjoch in the Ötztal Alps on September 19, 1991, by Helmut and Erika Simon, two German walkers.
The iceman was found at the end of a warm summer in the Alps. Usually the Alps are covered in snow, even in summer, but it had been an especially warm year and a great deal of the snow and ice had melted.


The Simons assumed that the person had died in a climbing accident and so were cautious to tell someone what they had found.
Eventually they decided to tell the lodge's pub owner, who called the police.
Just like the simons, they too assumed the death was a climbing accident and so careful precautions weren't taken to keep preservation going.
In the end, Italian and Austrian authorities were shocked to discover that, rather than being a modern-day mountain climber, the man had died about 3000 B.C. He quickly came to be known as the Iceman, one of the oldest and best preserved human mummies ever found.